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Taking our two main product ranges: The EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) & UNI-Q as a starting point endless possibilities can be created. Each product range has its unique features and benefits.

EUL can be applied for a wide variety of purposes.

For use in illuminated signs, wayfinding and building identification; but also as 1-on-1 replacement of fluorescent tubes (retrofit).

The UNI-Q Tube designs are mostly used in architectural and artistic applications.


About EcoUnlimitLed

The new standard in LED luminaire systems

EcoUnlimitLed is a top-of-the-line led fixture system. It is multifunctional applicable, but especially suitable for application in wayfinding, building identification and visual identity items. Architects, designers and their clients can hardly ignore this quality product; because EUL has a number of unique features making it possible to optimally express brand experience and corporate identity.

EUL_website 800x260px

EUL_AAS_275x185For instance EUL has no length restrictions, thus no disturbing light-interruptions and shadow vignetting. Due to the unique diffuser system a 360˚ all around superior light spreading, resulting in an unprecedented smoothness of the illuminated elements. Therefore EUL is also applicable in very slim illuminated elements (both single- and double-sided) with no disturbing striping effect.

The colour output is consistent and with hardly any colour decrease, thus guaranteeing an identical colour radiance between the various illuminated elements. The EUL led-strips have a  long lifespan of averaging 100,000 burning hours, and after 70,000 hours a light output of 70% still remains. This has been ascertained through extensive duration tests by independent institutes.

EUL is also very energy efficient; >60% less energy consumption than conventional fluorescent tubes. Much effort has been put into sustainability. A challenge and unprecedented possibilities for architects, designers and their clients for an optimal execution of illuminated corporate identity.

Specifications EcoUnlimitLed

specifications and benefits of EcoUnlimitLed (EUL)

  • due to the unique construction no length restrictions
  • no light interruptions or shadow vignetting
  • also available in an assortment of standard lengths (retrofit)
  • more than 60% saving on energy costs
  • corresponding reduction CO2 emission
  • minimum of 100,000 burning hours
  • after 70,000 burning hours a minimum of 70% light output guaranteed
  • unique diffuser system with 360˚ all around light spreading
  • high light output and smooth radiance
  • applicable for minimal fixture depths
  • optimal colour stability
  • dimmable (with energy reduction)
  • almost no warmth radiation due to warmth discharge system
  • moisture resistant according to IP 63 standard
  • fast installation and montage
  • freedom for designers and architects
  • KEMA/ENEC, CE, UL certification

For more information and inspiration we would love to show you our latest EcoUnlimitLed brochure


Click here all application possibilities of the EcoUnlimitLed (EUL).


About UNI-Q

Uni-Q is HATO’s range of aesthetically and architecturally tempting lighting solutions and consists of a wide range of products.

The Uni-Q tube range combines technical expertise, industrial quality standards, aesthetics and creativity into a synthesis of perfect, timeless design.

UNI-Q Brochure for more info 

Specifications UNI-Q

  • Water resistance and dust-proof
  • Gas proof
  • Easy to maintain
  • Energy saving
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Availability of many accessories (e.g. additional reflectors, sandblasted models, dimmable luminaires and built-in emergency lighting units)



Hato continuously carries out quality controls to guarantee minimum energy use and high-quality fixtures. Every aspect of lighting is measured in our unique in-house laboratory in order to meet all of our clients requirements.

We also have a specialized team to create tailor-made, supporting electronics for ultimate solutions.

your project

Your project

Taking our two main product ranges: The EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) & UNI-Q as a starting point endless possibilities can be created. Each product range has its unique features and benefits.

Although deployable for multiple applications – Our EUL line is typically used inside displays or (wayfinding) signs. The UNI-Q Tube designs are often used for architectural and artistic purposes.

Feel free to contact us for any questions about the EUL or UNI-Q