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We design our products on a project basis, which means that our customer co-designs the final product.
Our Lighting Solutions are used for endless purposes from functional to architectural.



ING Service point

Realization of ING signs with Hato lighting products incorporated in sign, all in line with the corporate identity.


Creating the perfect sign with EUL Eco Unlimit LED Product integrated in muliti color sign, making sure to highlight the correct elements.

Letreros de orientación

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The fixtures for the Schiphol project required out-of-the-box thinking to meet the unusual wishes of our client. The new-found solution matches the worldly image of the airport and allows close to one million visitors a year to enjoy the scenery of one of Europe´s most frequented airports in a well lit environment.


(English) One of the leading shopping malls in Amsterdam undergoes a metamorphosis.

Our client realizes the complete wayfinding; both in the shopping area and the underground parking garage.

The designer has developed super-slim wayfinding elements.

By applying EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) these elements have an optimal, smooth surface light radiance and low energy consumption.


(English) Our client was rewarded the assignment to replace the complete existing wayfinding by new elements on 31 Amsterdam Metro Stations.

Overall it concerns more than 1,000 various wayfinding elements. All to be completed in a few months.

We gladly participated in this tour-de-force with EcoUnlimitLed (EUL).


Gobierno Provincial de Maastricht

The Provincial Government required 100 decorative lighting units to be placed in their office building based in Maastricht. HATO delivered a custom made solution, by using the right LED strips for an optimal light spread and a great decor.

Estación de metro Den Haag

The Subway project in The Hague is the best example of designing an innovative lighting system, optimizing the feel of safety of the many users per day.

Piscina Privada

Our products are also the ideal solution for swimming pools, giving a modern and warm feel and at the same timing ensuring correct environment characteristics.

(English) Parking garage

(English) Because EcoUnlimitLed (EUL), even with extensive lengths, has no disturbing light interruptions or shadow vignetting, the fixture systems is very suitable for large scale illumination-applications; such as parking garages.

All this with a 60% energy reduction compared to conventional fluorescent tubes.


iluminación artística

For this project we used our Uni-Q Display Light (UDL) in an artistic way. The result was a truly eye-catching and unique artwork.
All three sides of the UDL armature were provided with custom made images, texts and colored foil.

The modern (Delphin) design, combined with user friendly installment, makes the UDL a unique product.

Cajeros ING

Hato Lighting Solutions realized the complete make-over of 1.650 ATM machines, throughout Holland. All aspects in line with the bank’s strict corporate identity guidelines.

Cabinas De Votación

In close cooperation with the client, HATO developed an aluminium LED strip, that guaranteed uninterrupted and stable light intensity of 100 LUX for 14 hours. 14.000 LED strips were delivered to our client, and distributed on a European scale. All this in a very short time frame, because elections do not wait.


(English) The Amsterdam Light Festival (ALF) has developed into an international event.

One of the interactive elements was an enormous illuminated mosaic-wall, where young and old could create their own triangular patterns; and all this of course brightly illuminated.

Hato was glad to cooperate with the client by supplying the necessary EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) fixtures.

Iluminación de productos

Your high quality products deserve the right attention. This is realized easily by integrating products made by Hato Lighting Solutions.